the most frequent questions

ECO-RECUPERI S.r.l. Company deals since 1997 with empties. We started by collecting empties ourselves from our HQs in Solarolo, Italy and went on by building a collection network all over Italy thanks to our partners (associated collecting companies). Covered area is now any region and almost any province of Italy. For further information about the company we are glad to invite you visiting ABOUT US section.

Terms of shipment: EXW Solarolo, Italy . Terms of payment: bank transfer in advance 100% or in other percentage according to previous agreements. Minimum order: amount € 1,000.00 or one euro-pallet minimum volume. Every received order will be confirmed after receipt depending on the effective available quantities, the prices, the mix of products and the total volume of the order.

We mean a cartridge which has been consumed and remanufactured at least one time. Although it could show wear in parts and structure it is still working properly. Replacement of some parts due to wear can bring the item to a new life! A recent study discovered that re-using printer cartridges will largely reduce the spreading of carbon emissions annually. That’s truly the best environmentally investment your company can do!

Our Company collects all over Italy empties from any kind of printer (both LASERs and INKJETs) and copier. We collect all over Italy through our self-owned collection network by privates and companies. We select empties in our self-owned semi-automatic selection plant at our HQs in Solarolo, Italy. ONLY discard parts, broken not-recoverable empties are delivered only to proper authorized disposals’ treatment sites.

Our main goal is to reach the complete satisfaction of our partners’. We discuss sales personalized programs, we guarantee the quality of goods and of packaging tools.

By now all our activities are settled in the HQs but we are starting with a new facility in Poggio Mirteto (Rieti).

Our self-owned collection network and self-owned semi-automatic selection plant are actually working on the main brands and models for any kind of printer and copier.

We are ONLY a collection company since 1997. We collect empties all over Italy through our self-owned collection network. We are neither brokers nor retailers.

We have planned to reach ISO certification within 2008. By now we are trying to have the more traceability of any process. So we please you to send us any available document in order to enter your company in our database processing your order and requests.

We do not have an exclusive courier leaving from our warehouse delivering goods exclusively to our customers. Any of our customers is completely free to choose his own forwarder or ask us to find the best quotation for his transport.

Yes, our structural costs for selection plant’s and collection network’s management push us to handle orders ONLY if greater than € 1,000.00

100% of collected materials are treated in conformity to the current laws on wastes’ treatment in Italy and European Union. 40% of all returned cartridges is given to a third party recycler to convert cartridges’ waste into recycled products or raw materials to be-reused. Cardboard parts are treated by our multi-material grinder to re-use them as inner packaging.

We are developing a specific inner processing to protect our customers in case of defective items.

Not only but Euros are preferred for our accounting procedures; we use to deal both by € and $.

Normally yes. If the demand received is relative to material available in stock orders are processed as soon as possible.

Yes, we use specific plastic pallets wherever they come necessary or required.

Our cartridges are usually inspected by visual check to ensure they are free from physical defects. We check very carefully all circuits and printheads.

Our company policy does not allow us to reserve stocks: we need to maintain the turn-over of our warehouse fast and complete every 3-4 weeks, trying mostly to sell all the items we collect and select.

You can telephone or e-mail your order by the web-site. All orders must be supported by an official purchase order from the customer.

We use cardboard boxes of different measures for the various products; they are packed on pallets and wrapped with transparent plastic film. All boxes contain an inspection ticket from our selection system.