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Company Presentation


ECO-RECUPERI S.r.l. Company was born in 1997 with headquarters in Solarolo, province of Ravenna, in the North-East side of Italy.
Since the beginning we caught  the challenge to create the first national collection network for recovering electronic waste focusing on empty toners for laser printers & copiers as well as empty inkjet cartridges for any kind of printer and ribbons.

We have been focusing through the last 10 years on being a reliable partner in supplying empties for any kind of printer and copier; we have collected and delivered to the remanufacturing industry more than 4,500,000 empties since 1997.

Year after year the volumes have grown up, reaching and exceeding the goal of 100,000 selected and ready-to-be-sent pieces every month thanks to a new semi-automatic selection plant build up in 2005 inside the new establishment.
Actually the volumes are floating around 120,000 units monthly collected all over Italy from Milan to Palermo; finally we are now able to select more than 1,400,000 yearly and we are proud of our recycling of tons of future new cartridges.

Our new plant  rises in the new green industrial area of a small town near the Adriatic Sea and the first hills towards Florence. Over 2000 square metres of plant surrounded by rural countries and jung new establishments.

Come to visit our new plant and catch the advantage to explore our country! We wait for your visit, don’t hesitate to contact to organize your accommodation with our help.

We are selling abroad the most part of our items, both in Europe and all other continents, delivering empties to the biggest remanufacturers worldwide without forgetting the new borning actors of the so called aftermarket.

ECO-RECUPERI S.r.l. Company has become MARKET LEADER in the Italian collection programming and has planned a new selection plant in Milan starting up within 2008.

We currently collect through our collection network gathering more than 70 members (associated collecting companies) working with us more and more steadily.
Our selection processing and quality procedures (we run our activities under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 procedures) allows us to remove broken/damaged cartridges avoiding to send them to our partners by several controls and visual inspections. Our production divides empties per brand and model and is able to box over 6000 pieces every day.

Besides, we suggest always competitive prices and frequent personalized offers.
Check our web-site constantly and you will get our special offers!

We always look for foreign partners among remanufacturers sure to manage any kind of request according to the simple rules we have chosen to improve our market.

By now we have reached very satisfying goals both with our partners and in the company itself. We are proud of that. We want go on improving our service for you all.


Millions of empty cartridges sold since 1997 CONTACT US NOW